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Ship World Brokerage is offering a Grumman G-21 “Aleutian Goose” for sale.

This specially engineered aircraft has all the convenience of a modern aircraft combined with the nostalgia of a long and prestigious legacy. The Aleutian Goose has been highly modified and modernized to make it a truly unique amphibious aircraft. Some of the Aleutian Goose’s features include:

•Modern Honeywell TPE331 Turboprop Engines

•Fastest Certified Seaplane –200 knots cruise

•New Advanced Glass Cockpit Avionics Suite

•Longest Range of any Certified Seaplane -2,200 Nautical Mile or 10 Hour Range

•Large Observation Windows

•5,000 Lbs Useful Payload


AirframeTotal Time

9,926 Hours

Engine Times

Left: 70 SMOH

Right: 70 SMOH

Propellers (New Alloy Blades Installed)

Left: 70 SMOH

Right:70 SMOH

Damage History


All Logs Complete

Fuel Capacity & Consumption

708 Gallons

75 Gallons Per Hour at Cruise



9.5 Hours @ NormalCruise


200 knots

370 km/h


Hydraulic Gear and Flaps




  1. Complete Disassembly and Anodizing of the Airframe and components.
  2. McKinnon Retractable Floats and Speed Modifications.
  3. Long Range Fuel –708 Gallons.
  4. Cleveland Wheels and Brakes (Tires and Brakes New June 2010).
  5. 40 Inch Fuselage Extension.
  6. Four Place Cockpit with Observation Windows.
  7. Oversized Rudder.
  8. All Control Cables Overhauled and Rerouted through the overhead.
  9. Three Concord Batteries (New May 2009).
  10. Keith Freon Air Conditioning (New June 2010 and awaiting             instillation)


Aircraft History:

Grumman G-21 Goose Serial Number 1240 was originally built for the US Navy in 1944 and entered service during the final year of World War II where it served as utility transport. Immediately following the war, the US Navy was faced with a surplus of aircraft and the Aleutian Goose was flown into storage in the desert southwest, where it remained before being returned to service with the Department of Interiors’ Office of Aircraft Services. Purpose built to patrol the 1,600 nm Aleutian National Wildlife Reserve; it was completely disassembled and rebuilt from the frame up by Grumman engineers and Swiss machinists hired by the Department of Interior. Upon completion of the rebuild, the aircraft served as the Alaskan patrol and survey aircraft until the mid 1990swhen it was sold by public auction to private investors.

Faced with a difficult mission and no current aircraft that could accomplish the mission, the US Government spent over US 15 million to engineer and rebuild the Aleutian Goose.




Aircraft Modifications:

  • Complete disassembly and anodizing of the airframe components.


ØLengthening the fuselage by 3.5 feet allowing for a four place cockpit, larger cargo area, and better handling and performance.


ØReplacement of older radial engines with custom built Garrett 331 Turbine Engines producing 715 shaft horsepower.


ØReplacement of traditional magnesium engine casings with lighter weight and less corrosive aluminum casings.


ØExpansion of normal fuel capacity from 228 US gallons to 708 US gallons allowing for a range of 2,200 nautical miles, the longest range of any certified seaplane in the world.


ØRetractable Wing Floats, Larger Flaps, and an Oversized Rudder allowing for greater controllability.


ØRedesign and Placement of all control cables, throttle controls, and electrical panels which allowed for the creation of five water tight compartments in the hull, which will allow the aircraft to float in the event of a hull breach.



      Garmin G-600 Panel with Synthetic Vision and Worldwide JeppesenCharts(New May 2009)

      Century 2000 Autopilot w/ Flight Director & Yaw Damper (Partially installed and awaiting STCapproval)

      AvydineEZ-500 Multifunction Display w/ MLX 770 Iridium Satellite Weather & Worldwide Capability(New May 2010)

      Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel

      Garmin 530WGPS with Terrain Awareness Warning System

      Garmin 430W

      Garmin GTX 330 Mode S Transponder with Flight ID, Surveillance and Traffic Information (New June 2010)

      Collins 40 Radar Altimeter

      King KR 87 ADF

      ICOM-706 MK 11G High Frequency & Marine Radio

      Nat 10 place intercom with Bose Headsets

      Dukane Underwater Acoustic Beacon Model DK 100

      Artex406 ELT (New April 2010)

      Full electric co-pilot instruments and all vacuum pumps removed

      Cockpit Paneling and Enunciator Panel Refurbished (New April 2010)




Engines are two (2) custom built Honeywell Garrett TPE331-2UA-203DTurbine Engines producing 715 shaft horsepower each.


Left Engine: 70 SMOH Serial Number: 97001

Right Engine: 70 SMOH Serial Number: 97002

Engine Time before Overhaul: 5,400 hours


Left Propeller: 70 SMOH(New Alloy Blades Installed)

Right Propeller: 70 SMOH


Special Engine Features:

      Special designed and built for the US Government

      Aluminum casings versus normal magnesium for less corrosion and damage from water ingestion

      Inlet Up Configuration

      Manual Starter and ignition for remote starting and bypass and igniters for heavy water




Over all Cream with Forest Green Undersides and Light Green Trim. Paint Touched Up in April 2010 and rated 9 out of 10.

Aircraft has always been hangar-ed and was painted with extra coats of corrosion resistant paint during last stripping and painting.

The paint is both elegant and functional and serves the platform well by accenting the natural design of the Grumman Goose.



Currently Configured in utility arrangement with one pilot, nine passenger seats (including the co-pilot seat), and a large rear cargo area. Seats are covered in utility fabric and are easily removable. Arrangement includes forward facing observe seats in the cockpit, four place club, and two forward facing seats with a large rear cargo area and door on each side. The overall tone is grey. All Seats recovered with new foam and fabric in June 2010 with new carpet and grey leather side panels in June 2010.

Provisions are available for the following configurations:


      Military Special Mission and Law Enforcement

      Search and Rescue

      Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

      Cargo and oil field service

      High density seating for 14-16 (Non-US only)

Market Value:

      As the Aleutian Goose is the only aircraft of its kind in the world, it has significant value from its operational capability and engineering modifications.

      Previous certified appraisal was set at USD 1.95 million with a replacement value of USD 9 to 11 million. Next certified appraisal scheduled for January 2011

       There are no certified true seaplanes currently available. Seaplanes under development with certifications expected late 2012-2015 are valued between US 3.5 and 10 million and are all far less operationally capable.

       There are currently more than 4,500 seaplanes in active service. 500 of those are turbine powered

      Based on an extensive market study by independent auditor Conklin and de Decker, there will be a robust market demand of 300 to 500 turbine powered seaplanes over the next ten years.

AskingPrice: The aircraft is arriving USA March 5th 2011, for delivery at current N. America. The aircraft is coming from UAE so will have double current eng. hrs. approx.

Delivered to Customer in the Middle East:


 Delivered to Customer in Europe and North Africa:


 Delivered to Customer in North America and Southern Africa:


Delivered to Customer in Asia and South America:


Included in Sale


      Grumman Goose Serial Number 1240.

      All aircraft records and log book since Grumman Flight Acceptance Testing and US Military and Government Service.

      All original engineering documentation and drawings for major modifications (potential opportunity for new production aircraft)



   Ownership of Grumman G-21GCentury Autopilot Supplemental Type Certificate.

   Basic tooling for flights servicing and daily operations.

    Training: Instructor Pilot for 25 hours of Flight Training for customer designated pilots and five days hands on maintenance training for customer designated maintenance staff

Post Sale Options:

We can introduce the new owner to a suitable Aviation management company that can manage the aircraft worldwide, to include full maintenance, operational scheduling, and provision of flight crew, maintenance, delivery, insurance and training. This turn-key service would allow the new owner to avoid of the hassles of day-to-day operations and free to enjoy the pleasures and freedom of seaplane ownership.

That can provide full mission modification to government or special mission customers, to include training, spares, and operational direct contracting. Possible options include:

ØVVIPor Head of State

ØMilitary Special Mission and Law Enforcement

ØSearch and Rescue

ØIntelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

ØCargo and oil field service

ØHigh density seating for 14-16 (Non-US only)

The Company can provide a full array of seaplane operational consulting services to meet any owner’s demand or mission.

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